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Ramblings of the broken hearted

Slitting my wrists would have been less painful.....she killed me inside....

1 March
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Solutions - Mono Chrome

What you need you don't want
Your hands are outstretched to mine
How oh how this may seem
Is this all you ever want
Is this how you made it
Is this all you ever need

The earth is spinning fast
I don't learn
It's like a photograph I can't burn
So now, oh now, I plead

Is this all you ever want is this how you made it
Is this all you ever need is this what you created

My eyes close to the noise
It's like I've returned to destroy
So now, oh now, I think of all I've been

Is this all you ever want
Is this how you made it
Is this all you ever need
Is this what you created

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